Falls are a significant public health problem that affects one in three older adults every year. Falls have devastating personal costs for older adults and their family. Falls often lead to decreased functioning, debilitating fear, which can limit activities-- and even death. Many people think falls are an inevitable part of aging, but research shows that falls can be reduced by 30 – 40 percent with appropriate fall-risk assessment, home modifications, and exercise.  


ADIA is dedicated to providing comprehensive and tailored caregiving services that focus on fall prevention and recovery. Our caregivers are experts in providing superior care in stand-an- assist services, skilled transferring to ensure no injury to the client or the caregiver, assistance with bathing and dressing, as well as safe transportation to activities/doctor’s appointments. ADIA’s staff has a wide range of expertise, for instance Carol Hahn, RN, Director of Integrated Wellness and Elder Whole Body, is a member of the Fall Prevention Coalition of Los Angeles.   


ADIA provides free educational presentations on fall prevention to the community through our Corporate Education, Information and Kinship department. These classes provide vital information to assist families with creating a safe environment for their loved ones. In addition, we provide a free Safety Assessment to all ADIA clients as part of our initial set-up process.  



ADIA provides expertise for those with Fall-Risk. Call ADIA today for more information 310.370.0555