Cancer Care is something that is near and dear to the hearts at ADIA. Many of us have been affected by cancer in our own lives so we have a specific plan of care to provide the very best for our clients affected by the disease. Our caregivers are trained on protocols for clients undergoing radiation and/or chemotherapy to ensure a compassionate experience and high level of comfort for them. Some of our special packages even include outings outside of the home to ensure that we have everything we need to take care of your loved one.

We work alongside oncologists, hospitals and collaborate with non-profit organizations that serve families affected by cancer. We can provide the highest level of care for clients, whether is a long-term need or short-term such as under-going treatment or recovering from surgery.


ADIA is a proud sponsor of organizations such as the Cancer Support Community Redondo Beach. We provide education to several groups on a number of cancer-related issues affecting them including the importance of sleep, stress reduction and nutrition.  


ADIA provides expertise for those affected by cancer. Call ADIA today for more information 310.370.0555