ADIA caregivers can take you anywhere in the world as your friend, personal assistant and/or escort.

All ADIA caregivers own a reliable, clean car.  They are insured, safe drivers and background checked by DMV on a regular basis.  Driving you to bingo, golf, doctor’s appointment, or social gatherings on time is our #1 priority.

While ADIA provides a wide range of offerings to choose from, there are two distinguishing factors of our company that separates us from the rest. First, we never answer a question with “no” when it comes to a special need. If ADIA can’t provide the service, we will “bend-over-backwards” to find someone who can. Our job is not done until you are completely satisfied.  Therefore, if you have special transportation needs, please call our office and we will be happy to offer you referrals of companies who can assist you.

For more information on our Transportation, please call (310) 370-0555.