Meal Preparation


ADIA caregivers prepare simple to gourmet meals using the food and ingredients provided by the client. Caregivers meal preparation can vary from the occasional craving to restricted meal plans.

ADIA caregivers know that meals not only provide the proper nutrition to keep our clients as healthy as possible, but also bring joy and companionship to this social occasion.

ADIA caregivers work closely with clients and their families to offer therapeutic, nutritionally sound meals based on the client’s preferences, habits, and medical condition. ADIA pays special attention to what food represents to our clients, so that the ADIA caregiver may prepare simple gourmet meals using the food and ingredients provided by the client. We try not to focus on the things people can’t eat. By making meals that are individualized, we make eating a happy event for the ADIA client. For example, we may bring a flower to put on the table or use a special placement to make the meal more festive.

ADIA caregivers follow dietary restrictions prescribed by the doctor, such as low-sodium, heart-healthy (cardiac), and diabetic diets. 

For more information on our Meal Preparation Services, please call (310) 370-0555.