Depression & DELIRIUM


Sometimes when we are experiencing depression, delirium or other psychological issues having a caregiver who is compassionate and supportive can be very beneficial to our overall health and wellness. ADIA offers TLC and much more to our clients through social interactions and personal connections. How can we make the client feel special today? How can we impress the client today? What can we do to bring an extra smile to the client’s face?


We customize our services to the individual to ensure that the care we are providing brings peace, joy and happiness to them. ADIA has a long relationship with geriatric psychiatrists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists and counseling centers to help individuals whether it is a long-term situation or short-term issue. ADIA is available to provide focused care to assist each client with his or her daily activities with dignity, civility and accountability. 


Through our Corporate Education, Information and Kinship department, ADIA provides free educational presentations on topics such as stress management, importance of sleep, and exercise as medicine that can benefit those with depression or other psychological issues.    


ADIA provides expertise for those affected by depression or delirium. Call ADIA today for more information 310.370.0555