Hiring a Caregiver

Many of us face the tough decision of whether we should hire a caregiver for a loved one. We are use to being taken care of by our parents and may find it difficult to believe that they are now having problems taking care of themselves. How do you know when it’s time to get them help to maintain their quality of life while respecting their independence? ADIA can help you make the decision.


Below are some questions that may help you decide when your parents may need help: 


1. Are they eating well? Are they losing weight? Are they able to get to the store to get fresh fruits, vegetables, and other staples? When checking the shelves and refrigerator, are there a variety of fresh foods or is there old food that has expired and is rotting?

2. Are they taking their medications? Do their medication bottles seem organized? When you ask about their medications, do they know why they are taking them? What are the expiration dates on the bottles?

3. Are they taking care of their hygiene? Is their hair clean and brushed? Do their clothes look neat and clean? Are they bathing regularly? Is Dad still shaving? Are they able to still do the laundry?

4. How does the house look? Are things picked up and put away? Are the dishes washed? Does the kitchen and bathroom look clean? Are there repairs that need to be done?

5. Have you seen changes in their normal social patterns? Do they go out of the house? Do they visit with friends? Do they do other activities in the community? Are they always at home watching TV?

6. Can they move around the house safely? Are there stairs that are tough to climb? Do they frequently have injuries? Did they fall recently or have an unexplained cut or bruise? Would they be able to get out of the house safely if there was an emergency?

7. Do they look like they have been sleeping well at night? Are they yawning a lot during the day? Are they taking frequent naps?

8. Have they stopped doing the things that they enjoy? Has Mom given up cooking? Has Dad stopped gardening? 

9. Are they paying bills on time? Is the checkbook balanced? Have they been depositing checks? Is mail unopened on the counter? 

10. Are they still driving? Are there new dents and scrapes on the car? Have they gotten tickets for speeding or traffic violations?


The questions listed above go hand in hand with what we call basic Activities of Daily Living (ADL). ADLs consist of self-care tasks within an individual’s place of residence, in outdoor environments, or both. Generally, the ability or inability to perform ADLs serves as a measurement of the functional status of a person of any age.


If you answered yes to more than one of the above questions, call ADIA today for a free needs assessment to customize a care plan. Contact us via our website, or call our office at 310.370.0555. ADIA is available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.