Bathing Only


The process of assisting in bathing or bathing older adults is both an art and a science. Ensuring absolute respect and safety is the #1 priority.  The process has a duality of purposes:  clean body and act of love. Sometimes the process of bathing involves no words, just actions - warmth, dignity, and a peaceful moment to cherish an older adult, while listening to the movement of the water in the tub or shower.  Bathing is one of the necessary routines that can be potentially dangerous if not done properly due to mobility challenges, arthritis or a stroke and/or Alzheimer’s disease, which may cause older adults to forget bathing or fall while bathing. Depending on the personality, needs, medical condition and lifestyle, the older adults may become 

tense and resistant. There are many key strategies to help relive the resistance, but it's not a "one-size-fits-all" strategy. Depending on the older adult, the ADIA caregiver may need to occupy the older adult by carrying on a conversation on unrelated matters. Keeping the older adult talking helps reduce the pressure and makes the bathing go more smoothly. Music can also provide a soothing atmosphere, while some people relax when they can hear the television.  The process of bathing includes making sure the temperature in the bathroom is warm before drawing the bath. Putting the towels in the dryer so that the towels are warm when used. Using the body wash or soap that the older adults enjoys or prefers is important to ensure the older adult feels cherished and safe.  


The ADIA Bathers are experts in their field of caring for older adults. Their work portfolio includes over 1000 baths in their career of cargiving of older adults with Alz, Parkinson's, Cancer, ALS, post-operative hip replacement and many other situations and/or conditions. The same is true for older adults whom are simply "water-resistant" - the ADIA bathers help them bathe little bit at a time, inch by inch over time. Sometimes bathing with clothes is the first step - call ADIA now and find out how this works! THe ADIA bathers travel with their bathing kit which includes gloves, towels, candles, body wash for sensitive skin and array other toiletries (such lotions, shaving cream, blow-dryers, brushers etc...). Sponge bath is available too.