“Dear Pamela – I wanted to follow up on my brief note of a few weeks ago to reiterate our deepest
thanks for the superb care that my mother received from ADIA over the past two years. My mother
entered into the arrangement with little enthusiasm and, to be honest, I wasn’t sure that
ADIA could deliver on some of “the magic." With our family’s thanks to all of your team.”

~ Scott Gourley, Son of ADIA Client, Palos Verdes Peninsula.

“I love my caregiver. She is my angel and my friend – a joy to have around.”

~ Mrs. Sue Nicks, ADIA Client, Rancho Palos Verdes

“I wish to extend my thanks for the way your company helped to ease my stress during
a difficult time. Everyone with whom I had contact was professional and caring.
Be assured that, should the need arise, I will call upon your company again.”

~ Carolyn, ADIA Client, Manhattan Beach

“I can’t express enough appreciation for all the attention and help I received from our ADIA caregiver in resolving my mother’s latest 911 incident and subsequent caregiver needs. Our caregiver's patience, kindness and encouragement, as well as detailed advice and support, has lifted an enormous weight off my shoulders and allowed me some peace of mind during this time of emotional turmoil resulting from my attempt to care for my mother long-distance.”

~ Lauri Burks, Daughter of ADIA Client, Rancho Palos Verdes

“ADIA, Thank you for your kindness to my wife, Anita.”

~ Harry Durlith, ADIA Client, Rancho Palos Verdes

“Your care meant a great deal to me. My caregiver is a blessing!”

~ Marlys Judd, ADIA Client, Torrance

“Words cannot express our gratitude to you and your incredible team of women who helped us through a very difficult time. There is a reason your business is at the top! I will forever sing your praises!”

~ Beth Rzeteljski, Daughter-in-Law of ADIA Client, Rancho Palos Verdes

“Please know how greatly I appreciate your attention to selection of who among your employees will be best to fill my family’s need. As I have thought through this process, planning things on my side, it has been an invaluable asset to be able to rely on ADIA’s excellent reputation to accept someone who literally will be a “stranger” to my family and in my little home, and yet know my loved one will be in good hands. Thank you for that.”

~ Claire Coignard, ADIA Client, San Pedro

“After knee surgery, I was restricted to bed rest for 7 to 10 days at home and I was in need of in home care. Having known of ADIA through the Peninsula Seniors, I called them. The next day, ADIA provided me with a caregiver for the duration of my confinement. Their fast response and excellent care led to a full and successful recovery.”

~ Lorraine Dyda, ADIA Client, Rancho Palos Verdes

“I walk out the door and I don’t worry anymore. Rosalinda is exceptional, outstanding. Thank you!”

~ Jennifer Herman, Daughter of ADIA Client

“ADIA has such a high standard throughout the entire process.”

~ Oscar Garcia, son of ADIA Client, San Pedro